PEHN company history

History to this day

We have been building electric boats for over 60 years because we are convinced of their sustainability.
We have been building boats with electric drives since 1957. What later proved to be ecologically and energy-politically correct has always been our corporate philosophy.

PEHN Bootsbau Mission | Vision | Core Values – to read (pdf-file)!

Der Firmengründer - Walter Pehn sen.

The company was founded by Walter Pehn in 1957 and managed by him for over 50 years. Walter Pehn was a charismatic personality and a pioneer in electric boat building, and his boats can be found all over Europe.
We have now been building electric-powered boats for 65 years.

Our success over the past decades is essentially characterized by the quality of our products. Our elegant, reliable and easy-care electric boats are mainly used on the inland lakes in Europe, but also on the sea near the coast.

PEHN boats are synonymous with tradition, quality and elegance in boat building. The company produces its own range of electric boats which currently consists of the following models: Our models.

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