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As an innovative and competent manufacturer of electric boats, we offer a wide range of technical services for everything to do with electric boats. In addition to drive and battery solutions, you can also get all other electro-technical services for your yacht or boat from us. In short: we take care of everything that should work on board with electricity. From the navigation lights to the bilge pump, from the underwater lights at the stern to the mooring lights at the bow. To ensure that this always works reliably, we work hand in hand with the selected suppliers and high quality components.
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We recommend lithium batteries for all electric motors from 1.6 kw DC.
The systems are configured from standard batteries, which, depending on the driving profile, size, weight and price, are seen as a complete system with a charger. Or we install special sizes depending on the boat and space situation and the required capacity, e.g. in modules of 5, 10, 20 kwh for mostly low-voltage, i.e. 48V systems up to 100 kwh.

We usually have large batteries > 250 Ah in stock – please contact us.

As a rule, we only install these in the commercial sector, where the battery acid level is regularly checked and topped up, otherwise the risk of malfunctions is too high.
For private customers, depending on the application, we recommend maintenance-free, explosion-proof so-called
Dry (AGM / gel) batteries